Trippy Love El Sol & La Luna Sticker

$3.00 - $6.00
Trippy Love El Sol & La Luna Sticker

2" Glittery Holographic Vinyl Sticker!

(Additional photos show off the shiny sticker!)

Scratch proof, weather proof & made to last! ✨

I made these stickers available in packs of 3 in hopes you all would like to join me in spreading the love amongst friends, family & even your own streets! Times have been super tough with the ongoing pandemic, constant political & humanity issues & basic struggles to just survive. Making these stickers brought me immense joy & I just would like to spread some of that magical trippy love during these difficult times!

Individual stickers are made available for purchase as well for those who prefer to keep all the love to themselves hehe, no shame-its all love babes!

Enjoyyyy & take in all the trippy love, remember that YOU are a magical & magnificent being! I love & adore you & am so so happy you're here. MWAHHH &&(((((HUGSSSSS))))